socialmediaSocial media has changed the way the world online interacts.

New Paradigms, new technologies, new interactivity concepts have come to the fore, leading one to really re-look at ways and means for doing applications or designs or even interactivity, the old school way.

OSMOS Labs, the research wing of OSMOS, continues staying in touch with these spaces towards better understanding them, and linking their capabilities and offerings to scale up conventional solutions towards more compelling, current paradigms.

OSMOS, as key development partner to OSMOS HR, is currently blending Social Media concepts to an HRMS (Human Resource Management System) that is being grown in-house. The entire system is being re-worked to bring in a higher level of interactivity and capability to the way HR systems operate. Going much beyond conventional functions, the application is being cut to really make it a huge repository of information, knowledge and interaction tracking, to bring out the best in the always flowing talent current of an organization.