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Data Dashboard

Have you been encountering sleepless nights, trying to analyse your company’s data so that you could make the right decision? If that’s the case, then leave it up to us and gather some sleep. We at Osmos, analyse all the data for you and provide you with easy and comprehensive visual representations. All the information you need to know is then, just a glance away. 


Why is this a big deal? 

While prima facie, this service might seem like a no-brainier, such a task will certainly take a huge burden off your shoulders. It will help you make the right decisions. Moreover, it will aid you in developing strategies that would help you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner. Let’s see how. 

Competitors - Knowing where your competitors, big or small, stand, could result in being a great tip-off for you. But then, you would need to employ a professional for not only keeping a track of their products and their market share but also for analysing them and drawing conclusions. In our case, all that you have to do is entrust us with the job and then interpret the data using the visual representations that we provide.

Performance - Before knowing where your competitors stand, it is important to know how is your company performing? Profits, losses, revenues, expenditures and not just that but also complex ratios such as P/E ratio, NPV, IRR and many such factors that give you a clear picture of your company’s performance are represented in our diagrams. This will help you create strategies that would lead your company onto the path of progress.

Team - How can we discern about the performance of our company without learning about the performance of our staff employees? Having the output of each employee represented on a chart will tell you where you lack, the sincere employees who should be given a promotion and the notorious ones who need a warning. 

Complaints - There are so many complaints that businesses receive, but which ones are recurring over a period of time? Which product line do those complaints belong to? How can we solve them?

These are some stark questions that can be easily answered by Data Dashboard. While saving your time and energy it gives you a sense of decisiveness and clarity that is imperative for running an organisation.

We, at Osmos, constantly strive to make your life easier.