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Customer Care Services

Retaining customers is as important for a firm as acquiring newer customers. This is because customer retention and reputation are interconnected. It is also harder as it is not a one-time-affair. It requires constant engagement and communication in order to keep them engaged and satisfied. Do you have the systems in place in order to undertake these functions successfully?  

If not, then we’ve got you covered. We at OSMOS, provide you with a range of customer care services that enhance your company’s reputation and build trust in the minds of your customers.

Some of the customer care services that we provide are-

Customer care portals:

We create a customer care portal for you through which you and your customer can share data anytime, anywhere.

This cuts time, effort and energy involved in continuous demand for data and information from customers by enabling them with access.

It also builds a greater level of accountability towards your customer by sharing the data they need with them.

Customer engagement:

It just takes a click of a button for a customer to switch between different service providers. Hence, to retain them, customer engagement is critical.

We provide services that help build outbound communication such as alerts, special announcements, notifications, status updates, and others, keeping your customers engaged with you throughout their journey.

Query handling:

Stop your customers from posting their grievances elsewhere and let them come to you to get their issues resolved.

We build systems and platforms for your customers to get their complaints registered.

We also prepare a back-end system for you to keep a track of their complaints.