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About US

OSMOS is a Full Service Software and Digital Agency. We help you with all your Digital and Marketing needs.
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OSMOS brings to you a blend of logic and emotion to help you with all aspects of customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer care, and customer satisfaction. Using a perfect mix of technology across a variety of paradigms and spaces, OSMOS delivers tech and human solutions to help you help your customer, build brand engagement and grow brand loyalty. Our team functions as an extension to your brand, to keep your customers happy and engaged with you.

We work on various spaces for you to acquire customers. Right from representing your brand in digital space, to propagating your brand, to researching on what customers look for - so we can bring them to you, we do it all. We work on search and social spaces to help customers know about you, your products and services. We build creative, contextual and content engagement cycles for you to present yourself online to your customer. We work on building credibility via online engagement to help people understand, identify with and engage better with your brand.
A customer always likes a brand to stay in touch with them. Not just for selling more products, but for understanding their needs better and for serving them better. Customer loyalty is a function of brand engagement. And OSMOS knows how CRM cycles work. We bring the best of practices, tech and human, to help you stay in touch with your customers and help build brand loyalty and engagement.
Data is the key driver to understanding a customer. OSMOS works on providing you with a variety of customer satisfaction paradigms on a variety of media and channels, to ensure that customers who you acquire, stay acquired. We work on presenting you with strategies and solutions designed to keep you ahead of our competitors, so that your customer doesn't shift loyalties.
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We are Entrepreneur Friendly.

Our range of products and services come to SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs at costs and agiliity that support business growth, and deliver capabilities designed to take away their pain areas

We are Corporate Compliant

Years of exposure to MNCS across verticals have ensured that we are fully aware of processes and structures that are required by large organisations, from quality, audit and compliance parameters.

WHY Choose Us

Technically STRONG

We are equipped to provide ALL kinds of tech solutions to you, across media


We are highly process driven, yet agile to step over obstacles and deliver

COST Effective

Our costs are designed to support our value proposition, and delight customers

Our Skills Are

  • Bespoke - Web, Mobile and Hybrid - Development

  • 360 Degree Digital Marketing

  • Content and Design

  • Opensource Customization and Maintenance

Our Skills are excellent

Tech Handholding

We have full stack experts to manage entire tech projects, from end to end, on web, mobile and others spaces, to get you world class services

Marketing Ideas

We blend Art with Science to create compelling engagement designs, backed by strong tech and data, to ensure that perfect handshake with your Target Audiences


Our teams deep dive into your businesses and processes, to work with you to enhance your deliveries to your end users, from tech, design and communication perspectives

From Our Product Foundry

Handmade for marketspaces, designed to build value for people who use them. Our range of products are handcrafted for marketspaces, and are backed by deep research into objectives, as well as value propositions for audiences they are used by.

Our current product set includes

Jack Smith


Whatzapp Marketing Engine

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John Doe

Peepl TV

Citizen Journalism Engine

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Jack Sparrow

Content Watch

Tracking Content Trends

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George Wyne


CRM for Real Estate Brokers

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